Monthly Archives: February 2013

My beloved Trixie dog …

… doesn’t realize this is the last night she’s going to spend with me for about six months.

I was dozing on and off, trying really hard to get to sleep, when it suddenly hit me… Oh no! My Trixie!

Instead of having her sleep at my feet like usual, I called her to come up and lay beside me. Now she’s snoring peacefully with her chin on my belly but I’m in tears.

Such perfect love we get from animals.



I caught myself being so judgmental …

… of my Self thinking harshly that the growth work I’m doing now should have done years ago.

Then I remembered Hanifah Walidah‘s Happy ….

“If life gives you a just a moment of bliss, don’t waste that minute bitchin how long it took you to get it!”

“This the ride of a lifetime!”

So much to do and of course …

… I waited until the last minute. Don’t I always? Who would expect anything else of me?

Maybe that’s what I’m doing with this this hike. I’m 59 years old and I feel like I’ve waited until the last minute to go for this big dream of mine. Hmmmm … Something else to ponder.

I have a last-minute load of vegetables in the dehydrator … fresh sweet corn grilled diced peppers & onions, and green soybeans. The plan will be to rehydrate them and then combine together with some good olive oil. This would probably be good hot or cold.

Just got done clearing everything up with my new bank card and getting all of my bills on auto pay. That took way more time than I thought it would but it had to all be done.

❤ to you all!!

why i hike


I hike for solitude and the chance to see some rare bird, tree, or flower.
I hike for the release of stress and to feel the muscles in my butt getting stronger … and they do.
I hike to scrape away the layers of civilization and the crusty walls built of disappointments.
I hike for the campfire coffee and bragging rights.
I hike to take photographs and write down my impressions. I do this for myself and for others to enjoy.
I hike because I can, because in so many parts of the world, the idea of a woman undertaking such a thing is utterly foreign.