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myriad small tasks

So much of my AT prep consists of myriad small tasks. Today I was able to have one serious work out with weights, walk for 3 hours, pick up the bras I ordered (1 to wear when I start and a size smaller for later), determine what size Crocs to get for camp, and I finally order the Crocs, my vitamins, knee braces, and a few cans of powdered whole milk.
I might finally be getting a handle on my mail drops … trying hard to not frame this as an insurmountable task. The most difficult part has been all the unknown factors. Still so much to do but I’m nailing things down bit by bit.

I still need a pair of pants to start with. The ones I bought a while back are a bit too lightweight. I also need a sleeping bag liner and I want to upgrade my cook system from JetBoil to something more versatile. And I have not yet gotten a knife. Other than that … yeah food!

Oh and after reading some recent reviews, seriously considering going with an Sawyer inline filter over the AquaMira. It comes out to costing and weighing only a tiny fraction more and the Sawyer gives you FILTERED water instantly where the AquaMira gives you unfiltered water with dead things in 30 minutes.

HAHAHAHAHA! okay when I word it THAT way ….. 😀

I found the perfect hiking/workout bra for me. no wires, smooth non-cotton satin, the back band is wide breathable mesh. the straps are padded and attached to the back band in such a way that the straps are unlikely to slip off shoulders. And you can get it in neutrals or fun colors.


WANTED: hostesses for stinky thru-hiker!

My FB friends are a wonderful conglomeration of local friends, womyn from Michfest, feminist bloggers, various activists, performers & artists, previous co-workers, former members of a butch/femme website, and even a few people from high school!

I would LOVE to meet up with any of you while hiking the Appalachian Trail! If you can give me a ride into town to resupply, provide a shower & bed, slack pack me a day or two, or just meet me in town for pizza and a brew … let’s talk!

Not sure of my schedule yet though I’m starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia early March and will get to Katahdin in central Maine by the end of Sept.

(Early Aug, I will be leaving the trail for 10 days to go to fest and if anyone can help with that, I’d be deeply indebted!)

Here’s a map of the trail:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 12.57.01 AM

Starting my morning with extra strong coffee w sweetened condensed milk, steel cut oats with brown sugar, walnuts, & ground flaxseed, and what will surely become my new best friend… The A.T. Guide.

Sometimes I consider …

Sometimes I consider just selling everything I own before I hit the AT and, then when when done, moving to someplace like Tuba City or Needles Outpost or or maybe getting a job in any of the National Parks … or as a ridge runner.

Then I reconnect with some of the wonderful people here in Rochester who I so dearly care for, both family and friends. There are so many reasons to love this city but mostly, it’s the connections with some of the most best people ever.

I hope to wander the world and have adventure upon adventure but this place and the people here will always have my heart.

A lot of friends have expressed interest in following a blog of my 6 month Appalachian Trail adventure and I’m really grateful for this!

As I work on putting it together, what kinds of information or features will you want to see in the blog?

I’m already thinking of:
1. text … a semi-regular written account of some aspect of my trail life/thoughts.
2. photos of vistas, other hikers, myself, trail food, and … ??
3. videos! I’ve already promised granddaughter Ev that I will shoot video of critters and plants. Are there videos you’d want to see?
4. link to my Amazon wish list! LOL
5. a link to an interactive map of the AT

What kinds of photos will you want to see? Pics of blisters, ticks, privvies, mud? LOL

Lying here trying to get sleep …

… thinking about my upcoming 6 month AT hike and trying to identify and face some odd underlying fear I can sense. Really that’s the only way to deal with fears, right?
And suddenly it hit me where this fear is coming from.

I dearly love my kids, grandchildren, and my friends here. And you see, when I was a child, my family moved a lot. In fact by the time I graduated high school, I had moved 18 times and each time I left behind my friends… and had to find new ones.

But that was then; I was a child and had no control over any part of my life. Now I’m an adult and able to maintain contact with people while I’m gone. They won’t forget me while I’m gone. They won’t stop loving me while I’m gone.

Wow! Serious wow.