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Sleeping bag/quilt hack!

Here’s a handy backpacking hack to extend the useful season of your super warm mummy bag or just be more comfortable, 💡

I sometimes use my zipped open mummy bag as a quilt, really increasing the flexibility of my sleep system!


I’m a super restless side sleeper and here’s how I use a standard mummy bag, sleeping bag liner, and sleeping pad in a way that allows me to move around a lot without tangling in my bag, be extra comfortable and adjust temp according to preferences, and not feel claustrophobic.
• Slip the sleeping pad (I use a Big Agnes Air Core Insulated) INSIDE my sleeping bag liner (I use a Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor) like a pillow sliding into a pillow case
• Sleep on top of the bag liner/pad. The bag liner keeps your skin off the sleeping pad, is super easy to toss in with laundry, and YAY for sleeping on something clean, right?
• Use your UNZIPPED mummy sleeping bag over top you with your feet tucked into the foot box to hold it in place over you. (Some mummy bags completely unzip in which case, you might want to leave a small part zipped to create a foot box 😉 )
To make sure you stay warm, roll slightly to one side and allow the bag to dip down behind you and then roll back onto it securing the edge under you. Then use your hand to tuck it around you on the other side.  
You can easily roll over, tuck your knees up, throw a leg out or otherwise make yourself cozy.
If your mummy bag has a non-removable hood, this might get in the way but you can fold it down out of the way.
Trying your mummy bag like this is a super way to make your really hot bag more usable in warmer weather plus you get a chance to see if a quilt might work for you.