Who is Bunny?


Blogger, diva, dancer.
Deep thinker, tree hugger, people lover.
Photographer, grandmother, wild wanderer.

Walking 2,183 miles for clarity, competency, completion, and calm.

Follow me as I laugh and love, cry and curse my way from Georgia to Maine.

Mud and mountains, bugs and bears, rocks the size of Volkswagons, nothing will stop me!

You’ll get to see the trail and my own innards as the mountains scrape away the layers no longer needed.

4 thoughts on “Who is Bunny?

  1. Mark "Bucket List" Hagerty

    Hey Bunny, looking forward to following your progress. I started on April 3 last year and had to bail after 700 miles, but it was still the trip of a lifetime. Same age, same attitude. Stay safe, enjoy both the people and the places. Don’t get so focused on the miles that you pass by great towns, sights and hostels, as they are truly the most rewarding part of the experience.

  2. Shelly

    I will be working at Crawford Notch this summer in New Hampshire in the White Mountains. Maybe I can meet you on your way through.

  3. Jaclyn

    Bunnie, I’ve been reading through your blogs, your pictures are beautiful!!! I am so proud of you, and happy you are taking on such an amazing adventure. I will talk to you soon! 🙂

  4. Lolcat Wolf

    Hello, Bunny. I’ve read all your posts and loved them–love your introspection, your honesty, and the mix of emotional experiences and –GEAR!– lol. I’m especially impressed with the fact that you could pause to recognize the ego involved in taking on such a huge challenge. Because I am contemplating some of my on long-walks, it’s especially useful to see all of these things–what worked for you, what didn’t, how your experiences with people along the way played out, and so on. It’s June now, and I’m wondering if you’ve found everything in your journey that you wanted, or if you’re going back for more. If you’ve decided that you’ve received all you were meant to from the experience, could you please blog about that as well? (I don’t always catch all your FB posts.) If you’re taking a break, could you possibly declare that as well?


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