Want to Help?

I’ve so much to be grateful for … the encouragement, love and support of my family and friends and an entire community of womyn! What delicious lemonade I’ve made of that pile of lemons, eh?

This will be updated soon with my mail drops if you’d like to send card or some goodies. 😉

If you’d care to contribute some financial support, I would be ever so grateful!

$10 will provide me with a sandwich and coffee in a trail town.
$25 will provide trail food for 3 days.
$50 will provide me with a warm dry night in a hotel room w/ SHOWER!
$75 will provide me with a very very welcome massage!
$530 would provide me with a non-stop flight to MichFest so I can join the migration HOME with my tribe.

3 thoughts on “Want to Help?

  1. Tish

    keep on touch with me. I work at at http://www.campmor.com and we like to feed the through hiker when they get to our area near the NJ?NY boarder line. We brings lots of good food and supplies and love to hear your stories….
    Maybe one day I’ll hike the trail too, 🙂


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