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I caught myself being so judgmental …

… of my Self thinking harshly that the growth work I’m doing now should have done years ago.

Then I remembered Hanifah Walidah‘s Happy ….

“If life gives you a just a moment of bliss, don’t waste that minute bitchin how long it took you to get it!”

“This the ride of a lifetime!”

why i hike


I hike for solitude and the chance to see some rare bird, tree, or flower.
I hike for the release of stress and to feel the muscles in my butt getting stronger … and they do.
I hike to scrape away the layers of civilization and the crusty walls built of disappointments.
I hike for the campfire coffee and bragging rights.
I hike to take photographs and write down my impressions. I do this for myself and for others to enjoy.
I hike because I can, because in so many parts of the world, the idea of a woman undertaking such a thing is utterly foreign.