WANTED: hostesses for stinky thru-hiker!

My FB friends are a wonderful conglomeration of local friends, womyn from Michfest, feminist bloggers, various activists, performers & artists, previous co-workers, former members of a butch/femme website, and even a few people from high school!

I would LOVE to meet up with any of you while hiking the Appalachian Trail! If you can give me a ride into town to resupply, provide a shower & bed, slack pack me a day or two, or just meet me in town for pizza and a brew … let’s talk!

Not sure of my schedule yet though I’m starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia early March and will get to Katahdin in central Maine by the end of Sept.

(Early Aug, I will be leaving the trail for 10 days to go to fest and if anyone can help with that, I’d be deeply indebted!)

Here’s a map of the trail:

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  1. Carrie


    I’m happy to do any of the above – though admittedly I have no idea what slack-packing is…

    Meeting you and getting you in and out of town, dinner, etc. I can make it happen on your journey anywhere between Port Jervis, NJ and Rutland, VT. If you need a day off from the trail, my home is closest to Western MA or Southern VT.

    Email me or message me if you wish to discuss further.

    Also, what assistance do you need getting to and from Fest? I am not actually going to Fest due to a longer vacation earlier in the summer with my family, but I can probably get to you and get you to or from from mass-transit places (air, train, but, etc).

    1. justbunny Post author

      Oh Carrie! We will definitely stay in touch as we get a little closer to August. One of my biggest dilemmas has been how to get from the trail to some major transportation point. Since I don’t know exactly where I will be on the trail at that time, it’s still too early to actually make plans but thank you thank you so much for offering to help with this!

  2. Carrie

    Definitely keep me posted. I’m always up for a road trip, I have family in PA, so I can always use it as an excuse to visit them too! Just don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂


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