Feeling …

… overwhelmed and anxious today.
I need to get to AZ to see kids & grandbabies, make definite plans for my apartment, get back to the gym and lose the 4 pounds I put in the last 2 weeks, lose 10 more pounds, get the Jeep fixed and cleaned out, get my good camera repaired, take care of bills, buy dog food and milk, set up my hiking blog, find the camera cord, decide on a hiking jacket and cook system, find a good but reasonably priced down sweater, clean my bedroom, get rid of that vanity I will never get around to refinishing, find someone to fix the drawers in the old maple dresser, get on the landlord about the windows that don’t easily go up/down, take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, take other stuff to dry cleaners, sell more stuff on Craigslist, hike, work out, write, practice shooting video on the new camera, order the part to upload videos to blog, clean off this desk (!!), make the 7×7 “office” into a walk in closet …

this is overwhelming. utterly overwhelming.
The Jeep repairs must come first so I can go buy dog food.

But … ooohhhh … stressing here majorly!

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