2 months from today …

Exactly 2 months from today, my feet will step onto the path that I’ve dreamed of walking for decades.

As I plan and prepare for this dream-turned-reality, so much goes through this Libran ADD mind and I often find myself on overload! The preparation is as much a journey as the hike itself!

You see … for my entire life, I’ve defined myself as someone who can’t seem to make decisions and there are a ton of decisions to make before beginning a 2,184 mile backpacking trip! What do I do with my apartment? And all my stuff? What will I do when I come back from the trail? How will I upload videos to my blog? What shall I name my blog?? Do I stick with my JetBoil or switch to a lighter stove/cookset? Rainpants or not? Where can I find a down sweater that I can afford? Which mittens should I get? How heavy a base layer will I need? What if it snows a LOT?? Will my Keens suffice? What do I do about medical insurance? What books/music do I want to load on my phone? or would I be better off getting a little iPod? What about recharging my phone … battery pack or solar system? What foods do I want to dehydrate and have shipped to me on the trail? and to which mail drops? and who’s going to do this shipping for me??

Newsflash! I am making these decisions one by one and no longer choose to describe myself as indecisive! 😉

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