Third time’s the charm?

Okay briefly … I started this morning at Woody Gap, hiked past Lance Creek and on to Jarrard Gap. I had a blast without a heavy pack and often paused to commune with a particularly stately tree or photograph remarkable mosses and lichens. When I got to Jarrard Gap, I admitted that at my pace, I wasn’t likely to make it over Blood Mountain by dusk so looked for the road access mentioned in my trail guide … and realized it was 1.6 mi behind me. Well! It was either retrace my steps that 1.6 mi and find a ride from there to Neel Gap …. or hoof the 5 mi to Neel Gap in the darkening rain. Stealth camping was not an option since my pack was being delivered to Neels Gap for me and I had nothing with me but rain gear, water and lunch. :-/ Not a difficult decision!
So I turned around to retrace my steps back to Henry Gap.
The trail was pleasant even in the rain and I continued singing and chanting (thank you, Gael Mackenzie!) feeling really good despite the now pouring rain. I even paused to make a short video.
Suddenly I found myself at … Lance Creek!? I had passed the Henry Gap side trail by nearly a mile! The skies had opened! I begged a moment’s shelter under another hiker’s tarp to catch my breath. Wow! I was going to traverse that same section of trail for the THIRD time! I could only laugh and shake my head. Lesson: pay attention!
This time I really hurried. By then, the trail was a creek with 2 inches of running water and I was wet through to the skin. I kept thinking of pancakes waiting for me. (Did not realize exactly how food motivated I am!) I huffed back up the trail and found the unmarked turn off, following it to a road with a house. Do I dare knock on a stranger’s door and ask for shelter on the porch while I call for a ride? Nooooo! But then I saw bumper stickers on the car … HRC equality symbol, “I ❤ equality", and pro-Obama! My people!!!! I knocked.
Well I got my ride (from the owner of Wolf Gap Hostel) and made it to Mountain Crossings JUST as they were putting up the closed sign. I yelled "wait! you have my pack in there!" and they let me in. Whew, that was close! With a solid night of rain predicted, of course there were no bunks available so they sold me a frozen pizza and referred me to Blood Mountain Cabins next door.
I was soaked and half frozen! I turned the thermostat to 70, preheated the oven, peeled off layers of wet clothes (I must say the Minus 33 merino wool shirt performed great!), popped the pizza in the oven, and stood in the hot shower till the pizza was done! My hands were so chilled that the water felt scalding but soon I stepped out of the shower to a warm room and ready pizza. I live to see another day!
Many thanks to those who made generous donations allowing me to get this cabin for a night! ❤





11 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm?

  1. Geo

    You did it! Can you imagine so many Hikers are out in the elements. Can u take a shot of your bunk…just curious about it. How are your crocs working?using In shower right? Blisters yet or are you still intact? Yum for pizza and hot shower. How many others are sharing that space tonight? Reasonable $? 20 or less? Thanks. And Woo Hoo!

    1. justbunny Post author

      Blood Mountain Cabins are adorable. Price: $60 night for up to 4 ppl. They have 2 BR w queen beds and double futon in LR. Complete kitchen. They do your laundry too! I could live here. LOL!
      Not using the crocs as often as I expected yet. Nooooo blisters at this point!!!! (Knock on wood! LOL)

  2. Debra Gillenwaters

    Whew! Close call, so glad you figured it all out and got warm for the night. Enjoy the comfort and look forward to hearing all about your further adventures.

  3. Michelle

    So glad you posted the link here on FB, Bunny. I just read all your posts from day 1 of hiking. Will read more of them when I have a minute. Your post about Trixie made me cry.
    My workouts are getting more challenging, and I am anxious to get out side and hike in the hills when it warms up.

    I may get to hike longer than a week. Some big changes coming at my job. Won’t know for awhile but I’m pretty excited about the prospect!
    Many hugs to you, Bunny. Can’t wait to read more of the adventure!

  4. mj

    kevyn & i just donated, so that the next time you need to stay somewhere you will have funds ready. enjoy your dry night while it is raining outside!

  5. Jess

    We’re marking your progress on the tall map! Got new boxes today & postage handled, our post office worker was INCREDULOUS! Stay warm & dry, you seem to be almost halfway done with Georgia!

  6. techdevil3

    I’m getting greedy about your posts lol…. every time you write an entry, I want to read even more! I’m just fascinated by all of this. Probably because it’s one of those bucket list type things for me (along with driving cross-country with no actual route planned, just checking out whatever stuff I happen upon) that I know can never happen. So I’m glued to your adventure, living vicariously. Thank you so much for sharing the amount of things you have with your friends about this deeply personal experience. It’s amazing to see glimpses of your days. Love you ❤

  7. Trisha Crawley

    Hi! I am Geo’s and Kari’s sister in law and she shared with me your blog. I shared it with my ten year old too! You can do it girl!


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