What I wear …

… when I hike? Several of you’ve asked me what I’ve chosen for clothing.
I have 3 categories of clothing. There’s the clothes I wear for actual hiking, the clothes that I add for particularly cold or rainy weather, and then there are my camp/sleeping clothes.
Let’s start from the bottom up with my every day hiking clothes. I start with in Injinji toe socks. I had wanted to go originally with all wool but i liked the idea of toes not rubbing together and I have not had one single blister or hotspot!
My hiking pants are by Eastern Mountain Sports. Lightweight, rain resistant (not rain-proof), I chose men’s designs because of the looser waist and more pockets.
Choosing the right bra was a challenge for this larger gal! Eventually I settled on a satin soft cup, wireless bra from Cacique. It has padded straps, wide mesh all across the back, and 4 hooks. And they come in pretty colors too!
I love the comfort and fit of Minus 33100% Merino wool shirts and start out the day with either my grey 1/4 zip long sleeved shirt or the pink short sleeve T shirt.
Over that, I generally slip on a loose synthetic Nike dri-fit T shirt.
I wear a cotton bandanna on my head.
It it’s really cold, I will wear lightweight silk longjohns under the pants. I could add my Smart Wool glove liners. Depending on wind or rain I might add my Outdoor Research hooded rain jacket and/or my Marmot insulated waterproof mittens over the glove liners. I might switch out the bandanna for my warm Mich Fest cap.
When I get into camp and I’m no longer hiking is when my body cools down. I change into my camp clothes which consist of a super lightweight diwn jacket, midweight Minus 33 1/4 zip wool top, Eastern Mountain Sports heavy weight TechWick tights, heavy warm socks, and my Crocs. These are the clothes I sleep in as well. 🙂




2 thoughts on “What I wear …

  1. Debra Gillenwaters

    This reflects a lot of research, thanks for sharing Bunny. I think it is remarkable that you remain stylish as ever! A positive fem presence on the trail.


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