Shifting focus …

… From macro to micro? From seeing the big picture to examining the details?

There are times when I hike along and see a log. This is how my brain works …

Oh cool! A log! It’s really old and half rotted! Look at that dark wet jagged area where it had broken… Oh and over here it’s crumbling away and you can see red coppery dark red crumbly aged wood tumbling out. All the holes from insects where the bark has stripped off. I wonder what lives in there? I wonder if they’re moving around yet? Oh that bark is over an inch thick! look at this heavy slab of bark lying here curled up with mosses like thick emerald green plush, deep velvet almost like fur. Oh look closer! Teeny tiiny red brown stalks emerging from this incredible luscious green. Oh blooming already? They barely move in the breeze. Oh how the sunlight backlights this tiny landscape! What incredible beauty in a six-inch patch of mossy bark!

I wonder if anyone else who passes this log sees the same as I do? Or do they just mentally register “log”?


4 thoughts on “Shifting focus …

  1. Bess

    OMG Bunny you are just amazing! It’s scary to hear about you being out there alone and yet you kept your head about you and did what you needed to,……what a great roll model you are! You are also an amazing photographer and great writer by the way. And I just love your photograph of the tree. The one at the bottom of this blog. Now I’m thinking a good way to help pay for your trip would be to sell people the right to print ONE copy for their own use like I so want to have that photo hanging on my wall! Think about it and let me know.

  2. techdevil3

    I would hope that most of the people hiking through there are in tune with their surroundings like you are…. not just hiking for the physicality of it. It would be an awful waste not to see the beauty everywhere and just have tunnel vision in that environment.


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