Bunny on Easter …

… I began the morning by having breakfast with 3 other lovely hiker friends, AYCE Sunday brunch at Shoney’s. Biscuits & sausage gravy … yum! Our waitress kept razzing us in the friendliest ways and we threatened to kidnap her and haul her off on the trail. I took with me 2 colored hard boiled eggs from the buffet.
Leah was driving Renee and Buttercup to Winding Staircase Gap and me to Deep Gap so everyone could resume the trail where they’d left off. As Renee and Buttercup were unloading, I realized I’d left my maps and guide book at the hotel. No fears … I simply photographed the needed pages from Renee’s book. πŸ˜‰
I thoroughly enjoyed the ride with Leah. We were FB friends but hadn’t really gotten to know each other before this so as we took the windy twisty forest service road back to Deep Gap, we got to talk. Arriving at the parking lot, we were surprised and delighted to see to
Trail Magic happening! The “Omelet Angels” had 3 E-Z ups and 2 kitchens going! This was their 22nd year of doing this on Easter morning! I’d just finished a hefty breakfast so declined an omelet but gladly accepted the offer of a hearty sandwich on home made bread to go. Mmmmmm!
Leah and I said our goodbyes and I was on my way. My immediate goal was Standing Indian Shelter where I would eat my sandwich and then head on to the summit of Standing Indian Mountain (ele 5498′!) where I would reward myself with Easter chocolates sent to me by Karen L. The shelter was an easy reach and several hikers and I shared stories as we ate lunches and snacks. I continued on.
The misty drizzly fog slowly turned to a steady soft rain as I eased into switchback after switchback. 741′ ele more in 1.5 mi. Eventually I realized it really was only going to rain harder and denial was not going to keep me dry. I had to pee. Perfect opportunity to put on my DriDucks rain pants, yes? There was no one coming from either way, so I dropped pants and peed right there in the middle of the trail which was quickly becoming a running stream. As fast as i could, I hoisted my britches, grabbed my rain pants, and leaned against a tree struggling to get each wet muddy hiking shoe into the pant legs without filling the pants with said mud. And here come 2 men hiking down hill toward me. From the switchback *above* me. “Oh hi!” LOL
I continued on plugging away, now quite a bit more protected from the elements. The trail climbed, climbed, climbed. I hike a whole lot faster in the rain! Ohhhh….. my belly rumbled! Something from the AYCE buffet was not sitting well. I was at the summit of Standing Indian Mountain! And it was pouring! My guts declared a sudden emergency! Now, dearest readers … Try to imagine wearing full heavy pack with pack cover, the toilet paper is inside the pack under the cover; you’re wearing rain pants, shorts, AND tights …. and it’s raining so hard you’re nearly breathing water.
And the situation is URGENT!
I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details other than to say that it was a moment I’ll never forget!
I sat on a wet rock and ate the head off a chocolate bunnie.
And hiked on.
I don’t see another soul on the trail; the rain never once let up. Three miles later, I was loosing light as I came into the Beech Gap tenting area. Not a soul was there, but I wasn’t sure I’d make it another 3.5 to the next shelter before dark. I camped completely alone for the first time. The rain let up ever so slightly as I set up the tent as quickly as possible, making good use of the awning feature to pile my soaked gear under. It was a challenge to keep wet and dry stuff from touching. I would need to bear bag. this would be extra heard in pitch dark so wandered in search of an acceptable tree branch. I tossed and set it ready to haul up my food bag when I would be ready later. Sitting cross legged in the doorway of my tent, I cooked curry noodles with chicken for dinner and washed it down with hot spiced cider. For dessert, I ate the butt off the chocolate bunnie. Yum! It was time to hang my food bag so I slipped on my camp crocs (lovely little red ballet style Crocs) and headed out into the rainy fog to locate the already hung bear bag. And could not find it! Anywhere! I wandered back and forth and back and forth for what had to be a good 20 min, finally giving up. I slept with my food by my head figuring if a bear was so hungry that he’d come around a human in this deluge, I’d just give him the bag!
It’s important to note that throughout this entire day, not once was I angry or discouraged. I was excited to camp 100% solo in the pouring rain!
That night was my best nights’ sleep so far πŸ™‚ At one point, I woke to see a glimpse of moonlight coming through my tent and I knew the morning would bring sunny skies. I drifted back to sleep so very happy!






6 thoughts on “Bunny on Easter …

  1. Jan F Walsh DVM

    So glad a funky day did not bring your spirits down. Am hoping you found your food bag in the daylight. Chocolate bunny head and butt had to have helped. Smiling. So happy to be a part of your adventure via your posts.

  2. Mrs Joy

    I’ve lost my bear line in the dark too! It’s good to use neon or reflective line, or at least tie some reflective line on the end of it. Helps a ton.

    1. justbunny Post author

      The food bag itself was not lost in the dark … Only the small rock bag and line I was supposed to use to hang the food bag with!
      I slept w my food bag in my tent. :/


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